Digital Images & Disks

3 Things about Digital Images on Disks.

1: 98% of people who purchase digital images on a disk don't have them printed. What’s the point of having a beautiful portrait Taylor Made to suit your photographic needs, if they aren’t going to printed and hung on the walls? They might make it to social media, but they will be forgotten after a few days when other posts have been made.

2: Disks Don’t Last. Not to long ago I was watching a television special on Disks. In this special they did tests on several different kinds of disks. What they found is that the life span of a disk averages 5 years or less. Disks are very fragile when it comes to hot and cold temperatures, and scratch very easily. My favorite movie that I bought on Blu-ray just a few years ago, has already been replaced because it stopped working. And, new computers do not come with CD/DVD drives any more. Do you want to take the chance that the disk with all your treasured portraits on won’t work tomorrow? The only true way to keep your portraits safe is to have them printed by a reputable printer who takes pride in your finished image.

3. We take pride in our finished art work. Before we even touch the camera we work hard to get the lighting and posing right, after we create your portrait, we take great care to make sure the color, contrast, density, and retouching look good, and use only the highest quality photographic materials to make your final portrait. When people purchase images, we lose control of the quality of the final product, and it can look bad for us.

If you’re looking for images for Social Media, then yes, we can offer those to you in addition to your prints. If you’re looking for the high resolution images, yes we sell those as well, but we caution you about the quality of your final portraits.